Who Writes History?

The politics of power says “History is written by the winners.” But I don’t believe it. God is the author of history. He causes empires to rise and fall. He executes judgment on the nations.

I’ve been thinking about a prophetic view of history for a long time. Pastors used to tell me “You can’t know what God is up to. You don’t know that he’s judging us.” They aren’t saying that anymore. I’m hearing from more and more pastors that God is bringing judgment through one or another means.

One of the strange effects of COVID for me has been vivid awakenings. By that I mean that I wake up in the morning with vivid images, ideas, thoughts. It’s been happening pretty much every day for the last few weeks. This was a few days back, but it recurred this morning. I wrote it out, and then… well I wrote it before Washington turned into whatever it has turned into. I didn’t have rebellion or rioting in mind when I wrote it down. I still don’t. Exactly what the judgment may be, I don’t presume to know. I think it is still out there, whatever it is. And I think we are rushing toward it in our hubris. It won’t be pretty. I used to say we were “late stage republic.” I think even that has now passed us by. I think the events of today are still warning, symptom. I think Judgment will, in the end, be more than anything we’ve seen so far. I have ideas. But I am not a prophet in that sense. And so I leave it nebulous, as it is. Eventually, we will be able to write that part. Hopefully in humble repentance, and with a happy ending where we return to the Lord and are spared.

Ultimately, this is just an exercise. I wanted to know what it would look like if our history was written in the style of the Old Testament scriptures – a prophetic reading of our own history. Here is my take on the last three or so generations. If you don’t like it, feel free to chalk it up to “one man’s opinion.” That’s what always happens anyway. But here it is, for better or worse.

The recent history of our nation, as it might have been recorded in Holy Scripture:

And after the Lord had given the nation a great victory in the war, the fathers forgot the Lord, and did not raise their children in the knowledge of the Lord. And their children did not fear the Lord, nor did they worship him. Instead, they sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play as the people of ancient Israel did, on the day when the Lord brought them out of Egypt to Sinai. And instead of golden calves, they worshiped themselves and their own pleasures, with all manner of intoxicating drink and intoxicating herbs.

And the ruling council of the people decreed that mothers be allowed to sacrifice their unborn children to Molech. And the kings of the people were weak, and did nothing to stop this abomination. And the Lord saw it, and was displeased. And the Lord gave victory to the nation’s enemies in a time of war. And the people wondered over this. But they did not return to the Lord, nor did they repent.

And there arose a new king, and the people feasted sumptuously every day, but they did not fear the Lord. And there was peace in the land. But the people did not honor the Lord. Instead, they backslid in a great backsliding. And the Lord sent fearsome fighters from abroad to tear down their greatest buildings, and 3000 died on that day. And the people did not repent. And the Lord gave their enemies victories in the wars. And the people did not repent.

And then, the Lord took from them a man on the ruling council, who was righteous in his days, who had not consented to the sacrifices to Molech. And the people feared greatly, and there was upheaval in those days among the kings. And the Lord was gracious, and allowed the people a chance to repent. But the people did not repent. And it was revealed that the kings and scribes and rulers of the people for many years had been abusing even the children with their perversions. And there was no outcry, and the people did not repent.

And so the Lord prepared a judgement against the people. A plague was sent from the Lord. And the people did fear greatly, though the Lord stayed his hand, and not many of the people died. But they did not repent or return to the Lord. Instead, they hardened their hearts, and worship of the Lord was forbidden among the people. And the sacrifices to Molech were commanded among the people. And the high priests agreed to stop worshiping the Lord. And this thing displeased the Lord. And the Lord prepared a great judgment from among the enemies of the people to conquer and subdue and subjugate the people, and to overthrow them in their arrogant presumption against the Lord and against his commandments, which he commanded for all the people. And there was upheaval, and there was rioting. And there was outcry against mothers and fathers, and the leaders demanded an end even to that which the Lord created in the beginning: Male and female joined together until death do part them. And the people continued to cry out against the Lord and his commandments. And the people did not repent, but their hearts were hardened against the Lord and his commandment. And they rushed headlong into the judgment which the Lord prepared.

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