Prudery and Licentiousness

I’ve seen a lot of people shocked this past week that a few children’s books have been deemed too offensive to be sold, while the “song of the year” is one whose title is so explicit I will not repeat it here.

This should not surprise. Humanity was created to be a certain way. God made us to be the pinnacle of creation – to use and guard and watch over the creation. This is a truth, not a fact. Fact is the realm of science, and it is based on observation. Facts can change. Outer space is not filled with ether. Gravity seems to break down at the quantum level. The shape of the skull tells us nothing about the character of the person. And gender is not a construct to be changed at will.

Truths are immutable. For example, mankind is not made to kill other humans. People can shoot moose or buffalo all the livelong day, can slaughter chickens and cows for food by the millions and still sleep well at night. But put a person on the other end of the gun – even in a just war – and you have a man with PTSD, someone who will never discuss the horrors of war. The killing may have been justified. But we aren’t designed to do it. Ask me some time about a hunting exposition, and I will buy the beer to tell you about it. Ask a man about his time in war, and you will likely get only silence in response.

Every society that ever was has had rules about marriage. They may not stick to the “one man, one woman joined together until death parts them” rule. Polygamy is often the norm. Divorce might be made too easy to acquire. People have even begun messing around with the male and female bit. But marriage is an important institution. That so much effort is expended by Satan to twist and corrupt it only shows how important it is. When I was growing up, many movies were trying to convince us that marriage was “only a piece of paper.” It was usually spouted by a deep thinking character, the philosopher of the movie, whose wisdom was beyond question. But it was a lie, and everyone knew it was a lie. No one makes that much fuss about paper. If it really were only paper, no one would have to so much as say it out loud. It was a lie on its face. Today, no one claims it, and everyone – even the woman who fell in love with a dolphin – wants a part of it. Because marriage is a truth.

There is another truth related to the sixth commandment. Humans are not made to mate in the streets like dogs or cats. And yet, for some reason, our society has decided that we will just cancel the sixth commandment in this matter. Oh, we’ll have marriage, but only after many oats are sown, and probably open and who knows what strange being or thing you will marry. But this all goes against who we are as human beings. There is a cost to such lies. And living according to a lie does damage to our bodies and souls.

And one of the consequences of living outside of the truth is that you can not live outside of the truth. If you deny one part of the truth, it will come out some other place. Like a game of wack-a-mole, or a leaky faucet. Plug the leak here, it will erupt elsewhere. And elsewhere it will likely make a mess. So, ignore the sixth commandment, and your conscience, reeling from the blow, will find some other place to erupt. It won’t necessarily make sense. But you will insist on some other morality – and this one will be unyielding. It will be a prudery in this new area unlike anything the Puritans or Victorians ever insisted on in matters of chastity.

So, we have people who will die before throwing a bottle into the trash – even though we now know that “recycled” plastic most likely ends up in rivers of third world countries, instead of well-regulated landfills. We have people who will cancel the dead, tearing down their statues, and scrubbing their names from all remembrance, making even in the Roman practice of “Damnant Memoria” seem tame by comparison. And yet, these same people will rage against any attempt to redirect the lusts of our youth. They will even recommend drugging and mutilating children to suit their ends of cancelling the sixth commandment’s prohibition on unchaste behavior. And then they will gleefully ban straws or paper bags, or plastic bags, or whatever the latest target is, and then take out half a dozen children’s books before breakfast.

None of this is actually a surprise. It’s the long-established pattern in the world. Reject one of the Ten Commandments, and then make up six other nonsensical ones to replace it. But instead of either justice or mercy, they new ones are driven by madness. Even noted popular Philosopher Jordan Petersen has written 24 rules to live by. (12 in the first book, 12 more in the sequel). I’ve never taught more than ten. I think ten is easier to remember. And, the ten I have in mind are more effective at ordering society.

But I don’t expect anyone to pay much attention to them, or to me. The church has always been that way. Unloved, attacked, with nothing really to defend itself, except that it preaches truth. And eventually, after the insanity once again subsides, truth will out.

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1 Response to Prudery and Licentiousness

  1. Carl Westberg says:

    Thank you for standing strong against the darkness, may you and yours be blessed. Keep the posts coming, we are listening.

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