Diploma of Vocation

I’ve been getting requests for the Diploma of Vocation I put together – it has the advantage of not being modernistic and ugly. Not that the beauty of the certificate makes it valid. But, if you’re receiving a call from a congregation, you may as well have them fill out the pretty version so you can all rejoice together in the beauty of the call, as well as the document conveying it.

I didn’t realize I hadn’t made that widely available. Here it is, for anyone who is getting ordained or installed this year, and finds the COP version… less than beautiful. Just print, fill in the blanks, and you are good to go!

Note: Since it has come up, evidently, the Diploma of Old had three signatures from the congregation. The new version has two, and one for the pastor. You may use the blanks as you see fit, but I had the congregation sign all three blanks.

Here is a preview image:

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