Continuing Education / Master Class Opportunity

I am beyond excited to announce this: A Continuing Education Class in Catechesis, this summer in Pine Bluffs Wyoming! Here are all the details:

Continuing Education / Master Class in Catechesis

Cost: $50. (For the class. See other details below)

Presenter: Lincoln Winter

When: August 2-3 (Monday noon –  Tuesday 4 pm)

Where: Grace, Pine Bluffs

To Register: Email


Progressive education went from nouveau theory to total acceptance in about 50 years. Still in use and promoted in the church, this experiment on our children has destroyed the once vibrant spiritual life of our congregations: fewer children attend & adults often don’t know the most basic teachings of the church. Instead of unity of faith, confession, and practice under Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, the LCMS no longer agrees on worship, women in the church, scripture, creation, the meaning of the word “drink”, etc. How can we fix such unfixable problems?

Answer: A return to sound catechetical principles. But what are they? Scripture tells us what to teach. Does it also tell us HOW to teach? Yes. Yes it does.

This class will help pastors plan a vigorous life of scriptural catechesis in the congregation integrating the entire pastoral task, and all members of the body of Christ.

Scheduled topics include:

  • Models of education & Scriptural Catechesis
  • Teaching using Narratives & Proof Texts
  • Pre-postmodern principles of interpretation
  • Catechesis in a non-Christian World
  • Apologetics & Catechesis
  • Optional Tuesday afternoon Sectional: Preaching using the Gerhard/Mayes Methodology.

Lincoln Winter has served the church as a pastor for 23 years. He has presented papers at Concordia Seminary & district conferences, has published books on catechesis and apologetics, and once beat Bryan Wolfmueller at Iron Preacher.

A decade-long research project into Catechesis culminated in “Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation”. It was the first comprehensive look at catechesis in over a century. This class will take a deeper look at some of the issues raised in that book. (Recommended that you read the book first: Available on Amazon or Lulu.)

Other conference details:

Instruction: 8-10 hours of in-person instruction. (8 hours + 2 hours for optional preaching workshop)

Meals: Lunch Mon & Tue on your own. Hospitality hour & Dinner Monday included.


Option 1) Cobblestone Hotel one block away. (Call 307-245-9300, mention Grace Lutheran Church Conference, for discount rate of $119) OR

Option 2) Parsonage is available overnight. First registrants get beds, then couches, then floor space for sleeping bag.

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2 Responses to Continuing Education / Master Class Opportunity

  1. David says:

    This sounds great! Unfortunately, I cannot continue that education which I haven’t finished yet.

  2. Darrell Debowey says:

    Sounds great, Rev. Winter. I hope I can attend, but I will be just getting back from vacation. However, I think the vicar from Our Saviors would benefit greatly.

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