Report on Continuing Education

I sent the following report to the district Continuing Education chairman. For those who desired to attend, but could not, the recordings seem to worked, and I am processing them now. Once they are finished, I’ll let you know how to access them. Report follows:

The Continuing Education Class in Catechesis was held last week on Monday and Tuesday. We looked at classical and progressive educational philosophies, and compared those with the purpose and philosophy of catechesis. We then looked at various models/methods of catechesis, and addressed various challenges to proper catechesis. Tuesday afternoon, we looked at the five-fold use of scripture in preaching, with an eye toward making sermons more catechetical. 

8 men attended, representing 3 circuits in the Wyoming district, and members of two additional districts (MN S, and IA W)

There were 10 hours of instruction. 

The materials were well received, and there was much good discussion during the dinner on Monday. (We had chili. It was also well received.)

I announced that, God Willing, I will be offering a class next year on the topic “Apologetics”. The goal is to look at different types of / approaches to apologetics, and examine how pastors can effectively train their members in apologetics. More information should be available after the first of the year.

I wasn’t sure what, if any report I should make, but thought you’d at least like to know how it went. I can give more details if you desire. 


I realize that’s a pretty boring description, but it will have to do for now. I’ll have more information later, as we get closer to making the lectures available.

Also, for those interested in next year’s class, dates are still TBA, and I didn’t mention it to the district leadership, but I can announce the Monday evening meal will be BBQ pork sandwiches.

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