Bible Study Suggestion

A lot of pastors have been reading through Catechetics this summer, and it looks like a fair number will be adopting Teach These Things in the fall for Catechism instruction. That’s great news! Thanks to everyone who has taken a chance on my materials. I appreciate it. And the feedback I’ve gotten makes me more appreciative. I’m glad my materials can help pastors with instructing their members.

But there is another book that has been slowing in sales. I think it may be partly because of the increase in interest with my other books, and partly because Amazon wasn’t listing it even when you type in the title. (I think the latter problem is fixed).

The book is Evolution: A Defense Against. It’s been a bit of a sleeper hit so far. But there are two groups that have responded with – excitement is actually too modest a word. “Voracious excitement”, maybe? And their response means I’m hitting my target.

The first group is pastors with a scientific background. By this I mean more than just “I took Chemistry in College”. I mean pastors who are second career, and their first career was in an active scientific field. This is a small group among our pastors, but an important, and often overlooked one. In many cases, they can and still do engage with the latest scientific literature. That has made them invaluable in the last two years or so, when we were all told to “listen to the science.” They were able to separate fact from fiction, and give us a reasonable and faithful path through the madness. But it also means they know what is being taught and practiced these days in the scientific community, and they know where attacks on the faith are being made.

The other group is high schoolers. They are the ones in the trenches, being taught all of the evolutionary secular-materialist nonsense. The book was written with them in mind. I am honored that they are receiving it well and finding it useful in their struggles against the old-evil-foe. It’s why I wrote the book. It’s why I work hard to bring these sort of materials to market. And why I am making this suggestion to pastors/youth directors, etc.

If you are looking for a book that attacks evolution and modern scientism at its roots, a book that gets to the real problem and shows the prevailing worldview for the naked emperor it is, consider studying – or reading through – Evolution: A Defense Against with your youth. It’s available from Lulu or Amazon for only $9.99. Think again about the two groups most pleased with it: Scientific theologians, and students who must endure hearing about evolution on a daily basis. They are the ones who know what we need to defend. And they are the ones who are responding most positively to my book. That means, I wrote the right book.

If you are a parent, I also recommend it. I guarantee this sort of nonsense is being peddled to your kids starting in kindergarten. If you want to be able to understand and respond to what they are hearing throughout their school years, I think it is a must-read.

You can order it at Lulu HERE, and at Amazon HERE. Happy reading!

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