Evolution: A Defense Against. Sorry to Have Been Right

In my book, Evolution: A Defense Against, I spend the first 111 pages showing that secular materialism (Evolution without interference from a divine being) is not tenable. Then, in the last chapter, I warn against secular materialism as a driving principle for ordering society:

They (Secular Materialists) see life as a struggle for power among groups or classes of people. The strong will survive. The weak will be destroyed. But in this Darwinist hell, the underclasses continually rise up, and must be controlled by various means by the upper classes. If the upper classes fail to control the proletariat, then the fittest survive, the former rulers become the oppressed, and the new rulers become the oppressors, who will also find themselves continually fighting for survival. In such a world, there is no place for family, because family implies love and self sacrifice. Love goes against the Darwinian vision of every being out for its own survival. Virtues such as duty, honor, sacrifice, or love have no place in an arena where only the strong survive.

Such a vision of secular materialism has been tried. Gulags, re-education camps, enforced famines, and mass death have always followed such policies and visions. North Korea continues to severely oppress its own people in an attempt to impose their atheistic utopia. Such a utopian vision is not worth contemplating, let alone instigating….

With no higher purpose than survival, there is no reason to strive for higher virtue, and no cause worth sacrificing for. Unless it brings satisfaction to the individual in some tangible and immediate way, there is no reason to pursue it. Why would there be? In a directionless and random world, you must take what you can get, while you can get it. If that is sexual independence, then one must sow many wild oats. If it is power, then climb the political ladder. If wealth, then amass it. But, in all these things there need be no regard for others. Those whom you crushed in your quest were less fit. The only caveat is you better hope you are not the less fit one.

At the time I wrote it, I feared it was too far fetched. Would people read the book, follow along with the scientific definitions and argumentation, and then at the end say, “NON SEQUITOR! He jumped the Shark!”. I didn’t hear that in the fist two years of the book’s release. And I suspect now I never will.

This saddens me. I wish I had heard people say it. I wish they still would. I would be thrilled to know that such a vision can not realistically happen. But alas, it already is. I mentioned some aspects that were rearing ugly heads at the time. Now, with COVID, we are seeing a full-fledged denial of our humanity.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently changed their website (they say it was a migration, and nothing was “scrubbed”). They no longer stress the importance of children seeing faces. Anyone who has ever seen a baby knows the importance of facial expressions. They will mimic them, even changing their mood to match your expression. Peek-a-boo is based on this truth.

Meanwhile, it can’t only be pastors who are noticing the cruel torture and harmful effects the lockdowns are having on the elderly, especially those in nursing homes. If you look up experiments in isolation, you can find a study of Rhesus monkeys – such experiments were considered too brutal for human experimentation. Except the results were so dramatic, they were deemed too unethical even for animal experiments to continue. So ethical scientists don’t perform isolation experiments on animals anymore.


And yet we are doing large scale isolation experiments on humans. Not with informed consent, but by fiat from above. Masking and isolation are being imposed. And the masters of these experiments – the “Scientists” whose expertise is beyond question – are materialist monsters who do not bother to follow their own rules.

At the beginning of the lockdown, I heard from a pastor friend who warned me about these men. He said, “They’ve had a plan to lockdown America to fight a supposed pandemic. They published papers on it in the 1990’s, they just haven’t gotten to try it out.” Well, they’ve tried it out. It failed. And now they are doubling and tripling down. They are grasping to hold onto their power. They do not want it to go away.

This is no longer about science in any meaningful sense. Nor are the supposed experts able to explain what expertise they have that says human beings are better locked away from loved ones than being able to see them.

This whole thing is monstrous. And I wish I hadn’t been right. But I knew I was. I wish I hadn’t been right so quickly. But here we are. We need to pray that our leaders be brought to repentance or brought down. And that our nation regain its sanity. We can’t continue to live these lives of isolated despair.

For those who seek a better answer, I recommend going to church. For those who wonder why our leaders are so far removed from reality, I recommend “Evolution: A Defense Against.” The darkness of the soul I describe above is really what many people believe to be true. And in Evolution: A Defense Against, I explain why that dark path is untenable. I think there is a better way. A way of light and truth and beauty.

(Also available on Kindle!)

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