Partying Like It’s 1999

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth having a blog – what with everyone on the Facebook and the Twitter and all. Is there still room for old-school blogging?

With Facebook down – evidently not just a server problem, someone managed to delete them from the DNS (cartoonish super-villainy, but an impressive achievement) I’m glad I still have my old-school blog.

And with the Facebook down, we can all go outside and enjoy the day.

I even took a bike ride. To the driver’s license office. Because my license expired last week. Oops.

UPDATE: And now I’m having visions of alternate futures. In one, someone hacks the website of Sinecurist Lane Seitz and DP’s can not longer automatically access SET forms. It’s a dystopian nightmare: They have to talk to pastors personally, 1 on 1, and ask them how much of scripture they are willing to ignore for the sake of their bellies (Let’s be honest, that’s the point of the SET form. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t ask about personal preferences regarding scriptural doctrines.) Can you envision a worse fate for church officials than having to actually talk to pastors? About what is clearly taught in the Bible? Beggars the imagination to even think about it.

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1 Response to Partying Like It’s 1999

  1. Steve Bricker says:

    Blogging isn’t dead, just under-appreciated. Or so I tell myself.

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