Master Class in Catechesis Now Available!

After many delays, this summer’s Master Class in Catechesis is now available online! (Click HERE to sign up)
If you haven’t been able to attend a Continuing Education class recently, here’s your chance to attend virtually.
Topics covered include:
• Models of education & Scriptural Catechesis
• Teaching using Narratives & Proof Texts
• Pre-postmodern principles of interpretation
• Catechesis in a non-Christian World
• Apologetics & Catechesis
• Extra Bonus Lecture! “Worthy and Well Prepared: Teaching Closed Communion”.
If you wanted to attend, but couldn’t make it now you can attend virtually. (Click HERE to download)
Thanks to generous support from my congregations and Thrivent, I am offering a special discount to pastors who either don’t have money in the budget for Continuing Ed, as well as worker priests, who don’t have time or money for suck luxuries. (Scroll Down learn more about this special offer!)
If you would like to sharpen your skills at teaching the catechism this class is for you. I’ve made it downloadable (both Video and Audio so you can watch or listen in the car). (Click HERE To get it)
Just head over to Gumroad, click and you can start downloading today! (The Link is HERE)
If you haven’t bought Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation, you’ll want to do that first. This class takes a deeper look at issues raised in that book. So click HERE to get Catechetics, and then Click HERE to get the Catechetics Master Class!

Special Offer #1: This week only! In Honor of Reformation Day, if you are one of the first 10 people to get my master class, you get a $25 discount! That’s right, instead of the usual price of $150, it’s only $125. And you don’t have to pay for travel or hotels! What a bargain! (Enter code “REFORMATION” at checkout)

Special Offer #2: I believe every pastor should have the opportunity to attend advanced classes on Theology and Pastoral Practice. But money isn’t always available. I would like to do my part to fix this:

If your C.Ed budget is less than $200, the class will be discounted to 50% of your C.Ed budget. (That should provide you enough to attend the class and still buy a couple of books for the year.) Just contact me and I’ll send you a personalized discount code you can use.

If your C.Ed budget is $0, or if you are a Worker-Priest (you work a secular job to cover family expenses/health insurance, etc.) the class is free. (US & Canadian Pastors in the LCMS & LCC only.)

I can’t offer you the book for free, because that does cost me money. But I can do this: Contact me, and I’ll send you a signed copy of Catechetics for my cost. ($12, includes shipping to you.) The class will still be free! What’s the catch? I only ask that if you find it useful, you tell other pastors about it.

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