Writing Update

My writing efforts have been taken up with sermons and parish matters the last few months. But I am not entirely bereft of progress.

The big project, (Confession), is still in pre-production, and will be for at least another year. I have work to do on it, I have an overall plan. But pre-production on a major work is a major work in itself. This will take time.

Meanwhile, I’ve started three smaller projects in the last six months. The first (fiction) died on the vine. It was not good.

The second is a “Devotional Commentary.” It’s more than just a few devotional thoughts. It’s less than a commentary, and yet goes beyond because it moves from the strictly textual to greater themes. In this it might be called a homiletical commentary. But these aren’t sermons. They were never preached. It is based on a bible study I taught. But when published it won’t be a traditional bible study. It’s briefly outlined, but that has more to do with approach than content. Content will take time. It is now back-burnered so I can work on other things that I think are more pressing. But I desire to return to it at some point.

The third project is another one that’s been in my head for a couple years. It’s a book to help very small congregations (25 or fewer in attendance on a Sunday). Each year more congregations fit that description. This is a book to offer some advice – how to organize, what to expect, etc. I’m finally getting it down on paper. And it’s moving much faster. I’m hoping to move it through production at speed now that I know what I’m doing with it. We’ll see.

And of course, all of this is merely background to the demands of my parish. Writing is my “personal study” time. It’s where I get to just enjoy the Word of God all on my own, without the pressures of a sermon or bible class barging in. Many call it “Continuing Ed.” In a sense, it is. It’s also private devotional time, personal study, theological reflection, etc. Some weeks I get a few hours, some months I get no time at all.

So, here’s praying I get time to continue my study and writing of book three. If all goes well, you’ll be hearing more about it sometime in 2023.

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1 Response to Writing Update

  1. Ca. Westberg says:

    Thank you for being aware of the leading of the spirit regarding these projects.

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