Books for Seminaries

I had the joy of meeting with a missionary/seminary professor yesterday as he was passing through the area. The topic of books came up: what books are needed for teaching pastors. I offered him the use of Catechetics for his seminary, if he found it useful.

I realized that other professors at other seminaries might also find it useful. So I make this offer: If you are a professor at a seminary outside the US/Canada/Europe and you are interested in a textbook for Catechetics, give me a call or email. I will send you an e-copy of the book free of charge for review. If you like it, let me know, and I’ll give you very generous terms for re-printing all or part of it locally.

If that appeals to you, drop me a line. My goal in writing is to help the church. If I can help you in your own work, I want to know how.

PS. If you are a professor in the US/Canada/Europe and are interested, I can also offer favorable terms. Contact me anyway!


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