Continuing Education on a Budget

Actual photo of your pastor heading to a Continuing Education Class

Summer is when many pastors do a continuing education course of some sort. But in addition to a resident program at a local congregation, pastors can also read.

Today I recommend some books you might enjoy (And one class you can watch online):

Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation. The first comprehensive study of Catechesis in over a century. Biblical rationale, historical background, contemporary evaluation: This book has everything you need to understand and respond to the challenges that arise in teaching the faith.

Catechetics Master Class. Videos of the class I taught last summer on Catechesis. For those who have read Catechetics and want more. We take a look at the philosophy behind various educational methods. It’s Must-See TV for anyone who wants a thorough understanding of what we teach and why. As it’s now last year’s class, I’ve cut the price in half to $75. And as a loyal reader of the blog, enter discount code ContEd for another $25 off of that!

Evolution: A Defense Against. We live in the first society to try structure ourselves according to Epicurean ideals. It’s going poorly. How does the church respond to such nonsense? A look at the scientific process, and the philosophy behind it, this book provides a needed corrective.

Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Church. If you are struggling to teach the catechism, try using Luther’s method. Teach These Things follows the ancient pattern of instruction (Scripture, catechism, hymnal), rather than the modern worksheet method. Buy once, no workbooks or student books to buy, ever. (Except the catechism!)

Footwashers: Following the Jesus Way. The textbook for the class “The Ethics of Jesus” taught by Dr. William Lehmann. A truly Lutheran look at philosophy, ethics, and scripture, all through the words of our Lord.


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