A New Post for a New Gig

Most of you have probably already seen the news, but I’ve been named the new Publisher of Steadfast Press. It’s not a new job, I’m still pastor of my parishes. It’s a volunteer thing, and it’s nothing more than I’ve been doing with my free time the last decade anyway: Getting good books published to help the church. Now I’ve got other volunteers to help. That’s really the only change. Together we’ll be able to get more books published. More help for the church.

Steadfast Lutherans has been mostly a blog for the last few years, so my first bit of publishing is on that. We’ll be moving to a storefront for books, with a blog as an add-on in the future. For now, the blog is the front, and so I’ve written a few words in commemoration of a departed Saint, and (appropriately) publisher of theology.

Check out my new post here.


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