The Resurrections Is Assured

I enjoy scrolling through Twitter, because it’s a strange place, full of odd things.

Yesterday, a woman was bragging about her scientific research, which, she claimed, proved conclusively that, if a guy is dead for three days, he can not come back to life. The body has begun to decay, she said. It can not be reversed, she insisted. And so there was conclusive proof that the Resurrection of Jesus could not have happened.

Which is brilliant. It is scientifically ironclad.

Which is why the church calls such events miracles. They undo things that can not be undone. We call it faith.

Perhaps she was just sharing her own journey to unbelief. But if she thought such information would rock the foundations of Christianity, she wasn’t really very well informed as a Christian, either.

Christians have long known, we even teach, that death is undoable. That’s why it’s such a big deal that there’s a guy who promises to undo it. And it’s why the death and resurrection of Jesus is such a central part of our faith.

I was actually stunned that she thought her pointing this out would be a body-blow to Christians. But then, like I said, I enjoy Twitter because it’s weird.


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