Blessed, DV

I just returned from a mini-cation. We dashed cross-country to pick up a child, and then drive back. No vacation ever goes to plan, but this one seemed almost… doomed. On the way out, roads were so bad that I was hearing voiceovers in my head about how doomed we were.  At one point, we went through three rental cars in a day. One was “The soggy car.” You get the idea.

About half-way through, we started calling it “The Goes Wrong Trip”, after one of our favorite TV shows, “The Goes Wrong Show.”

But as the trip neared the end, I had time to reflect. (Kansas is a big state; lot’s of reflection time.) It really was the DV trip (Deo Volente = God willing). Things went wrong, plans changed, there were some large disappointments, but we made it through. We got there, picked up our child, and returned safely home. And a lot of things happened just right. A parking space in downtown DC right outside the house we needed to load boxes from; roads that closed behind us, instead of in front of us both times, etc. As God Willed it, so the vacation proceeded. We even got to do some fun things. An extra museum, a great sushi place to meet an old friend, etc.

Frantic, exhausting, glad to be home, and protected the whole way by our Lord. It was a blessed trip, because we made it safely, and we did it according to God’s Will.

The trip was not The Goes Wrong Trip, but “DV: Blessed”.

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