In my new (volunteer) position as publisher for Steadfast Press, I find myself adjusting to my own rules. I’m editing a forthcoming book (stay tuned, major announcement coming!) Normally, I start editing, go through the entire book, then review edits. But circumstances have me editing a chapter at a time, then reviewing and sending it on to the next stage (doctrinal review). Before, I could take all the time I wanted editing the entire volume, without taking a break. As the only worker, until I finish, it sits on my desk. But that creates a bottleneck now, so I need to edit, review, approve, send, for each chapter.

It’s not bad. But it’s breaking up my pattern of work. You get into a groove.  After 15 years of editing books a certain way, it’s hard to break the rhythm for the sake of efficiency.

But change is not always bad. We want to get books to market, not have them stuck forever in development limbo. And so, with chapter 1 edited, I have to take a break and do some other things before heading on to chapter 2.


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