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Coming This Week!

The Small Catechism is fantastic. And the synod explanation is also very useful. It explains the theology quite well. But Luther’s Large catechism applies that theology. It is one of the most practical explanations of what we believe – and … Continue reading

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Sermon for Trinity 6: Caution – This Sermon Contains Law and Gospel

I added a section near the end about God punishing our sins in this world by turning us over to them. In the case of the fifth commandment, that means a life of bitterness and resentment as we keep score … Continue reading

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New Resource

Coming soon at Teach These Things: Outlines of Luther’s Large Catechism. For those who have ordered Teach These Things, you already have them in the teacher’s book. I intended them as a help for teaching. But a pastor friend suggested … Continue reading

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Teach These Things: Second (Corrected) Edition

When I was ordained, I was at a bit of a loss regarding “Confirmation Class” (Catechesis). There are a lot of programs out there. Official publishing houses for each Lutheran church have their own. I did vacancy work for a … Continue reading

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The Story of the Mural: Reflections of the Dorm Nerd at the Death of a Friend

My name isn’t there. And thanks to 1990’s photo technology, I can really only make out the three names in front: Scotty, Mike, Reg. I never knew Reg. He left before I arrived. Scotty and Mike I knew – and … Continue reading

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Visitation Sermon

Today we commemorate The Blessed Virgin Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth. They have both been miraculously made with child. Elizabeth and Zechariah, long past the age of child bearing, are now expectantly awaiting the birth of John the Baptist. Mary, … Continue reading

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To Everything a Season…

Each Summer, I try to get the services planned for the next liturgical year. June is “Do the schedule month”. June is almost over. Just under the wire, here is the schedule of services for the 2018 Liturgical year at … Continue reading

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