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Human life: Dignity or Quality?

Early in my ministry, I had a conversation about an allegedly-Lutheran Hospital. A clergy-member had served on the staff there at one point as a chaplain, and was involved in discussions that eventually became their policy on pregnancy terminations. He … Continue reading

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Slow Roll Out

I didn’t plan for a slow roll out. But it’s turning out that way. The good news is that you can order “What Every Christian Must Know” as a paperback! Right now!¬† It’s available at the Createspace store. (I thought … Continue reading

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Thoughts from a Pageant Dad

I’m a Pageant Dad. That is, my daughters are pageant girls. I’m proud to be a pageant dad. Usually, that just means supporting them when they leave, welcoming them when they come back, and staying out of the way when … Continue reading

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