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The Company You Keep…

From the same quality publishing house that brought you A Case for Character: Toward a Lutheran Virtue Ethic comes a new book about the origins of Christianity. According to a review (I will not be purchasing this one, so I must rely … Continue reading

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A Challenge

Over the past few months, I have become something of a minor celebrity among proponents of Two Kinds of Righteousness. I have, very publicly, stated my opposition to it. I have defended that position, as far as I am able, … Continue reading

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Oh, and One More Thing…

I thought it might be good to let Luther have the last word regarding the two kinds of righteousness.  For those men should be kept far away from Holy writ who, with distinctions drawn from their own brains, bring into theology various … Continue reading

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Issues Etc: The Aftermath

I was going to do a final post where I listened to the interview again, and documented each of my statements regarding 2KR from the proponents. Why? Because I have heard ad nauseum, on FB, in comments, in e-mails, in … Continue reading

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Seminex: Aftermath and Warnings

One of the lessons of Seminex – and for that matter any false teaching – is that the peddlers of new theologies will couch their new theology in old language. So, the Seminex crowd tried to pass off historical criticism … Continue reading

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One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

The title comes from an old Sesame Street game.  In the discussion of Law and Gospel (LG) vs. Two Kinds of Righteousness (2KR), many are claiming that we who speak against 2KR are overreacting. Two Kinds of Righteousness, they say, … Continue reading

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In a previous post, I addressed the “hot new theology” (That’s never a good thing) of Two Kinds of Righteousness (2KR, because everything in Lutheranism needs a cool acronym). There are a couple of sermons, and Luther’s Galatians commentary where he … Continue reading

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Law and Gospel Are Good Enough For Me

Academia is a publish or perish enterprise.  If you don’t manage to publish your doctoral thesis, your chances of finding a tenure track position decrease considerably.  So how does one guarantee that one’s doctoral thesis is published?  One of two … Continue reading

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