The Joy of Koinonia

I just returned from a 4000 mile quest with my family to the West coast.  It was great.  We saw Seattle, went on a sailboat, drove down the Washington/Oregon Coast, (Is there any road in the world more beautiful than highway 101?)  saw the redwoods in California, stayed in a tree-house hotel in southern Oregon, and drove back home through some thoroughly drenched deserts(!?)  Truly one of the best vacations ever.

The best part, of course, was all the quality time together as a family.

But the 2nd coolest thing about it?  We drove 1200 miles, and on Sunday morning we were still able to get up, and go hear the Word of God and receive his gifts from the hand of a pastor, enjoying in those gifts the unity God gives, with saints we have never met before, but in whom we are joined as one each week.  We were able to go to a church that shares our confession, and although the outward ceremonies were a little bit different, the hymnal was the same, the liturgy, the confession, were all the same.  The sermon was a good biblical sermon, and we were fed with the word and sacrament far from home.

On the way home we stopped at the far edge of my own district for church.  I got to see one of my brothers and dear friends bring the gifts to his people and to my family.  I got to meet the saints whom he serves.  We confessed the Athanasian Creed together.  Once again we heard a great sermon.  We feasted on the body and blood of the Lord, just as we had the previous Sunday, with people we had never met, but in the sure and certain confidence of our oneness in Christ.

Koinonia is awesome.  Thanks be to God, the giver of unity in our life together.

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