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The Small Catechism is fantastic. And the synod explanation is also very useful. It explains the theology quite well.

But Luther’s Large catechism applies that theology. It is one of the most practical explanations of what we believe – and why it matters – available. I have said before that the greatest ethical treatise (how to live) outside of Holy Scripture is Luther on the Ten Commandments. I believe it’s absolutely true. The Large Catechism isn’t designed to be an ethical treatise. It is a series of sermons on the Ten Commandments. But there is nothing better for telling you what it means to do a good work. It’s simple, it’s clear, it’s straightforward.

The challenge is that Luther wrote in another language and another era. There are numerous translations. (Problem 1 solved!) But I’ve heard – even from pastors – that it can be difficult to read and understand. Not because Luther isn’t clear. But because we don’t read things like this anymore. Our theology books are usually filled with stories. (The good ones have a point at the end.) We aren’t used to the hard work of reading theology books. The Large Catechism can be intimidating. It can be difficult to follow (Luther wasn’t really a systematics guy). And so, a copy of the Large Catechism is eagerly purchased, but reluctantly put aside to collect dust.

That’s where “What Every Christian Must Know” comes in. It has outlines of Luther’s Large Catechism. Now it’s easy to follow along with what Luther wrote. You can use it with online resources ( or with a printed copy of the Large Catechism. (There are many translations – google can help you find one that suits you.)

I know an author is biased in favor of what he writes, but I think this should be on every pastor’s shelf. If you don’t need it, some of your people probably do. If you are a Lutheran layperson, this can help you dig into the rich theology of Luther in a simple way. If you are wondering what the Lutheran Church (or for that matter, the Bible) teaches, this can help you understand the best explanation of the faith out there.

So, who do I think should get this? Anyone who is interested in learning more about what God says to us. And I figure we could all stand to do that.

Oh, and it’s got a very friendly price. Kindle Available HERE. Paperback coming soon!

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