The Joy of Christmas Programs

Is there anything cuter than small children standing in front of a congregation, while the parents silently pray, “Please, don’t let them do anything embarrassing”? There are a lot of Christmas Programs out there, but a few years ago, I found myself the pastor of a church with a lot of VERY small children, and no older children.  The oldest Christmas-Program-Age children were in about third grade.  This means that the Christmas program was going to be a very small affair indeed.

Instead of a full-blown Christmas program, we had, “An evening of Christmas Carols”.  The children sang a couple of carols, with the congregation joining in on most verses. (Because the children didn’t really know them.) The kids said about three or four short bible verses that they had memorized.  It was adorable.

The next year, the kids sang a little more, and learned a few more verses.  And so on, and so on.  Five years into this, we now have a nice little Christmas program, called “The Promised Savior”.  The children know some good bible verses, and have learned a fair repertoire of Christmas Carols.  There are many congregations out there that are short on young people to do Christmas Programs.  But even very small parishes can do something.  Not for the sake of everyone going, “Awww” when little Susie says something cute.  But so that the young people have opportunity to learn the important verses of scripture, and begin to learn the songs they will be singing the rest of their lives.

Although, even I have to admit, this sounds pretty cute:

For pastors of small churches, this program might be of use to you.  And so, I am offering it for free use.  That’s right, FREE.  Just click HERE to download.

There is, of course a catch, but it’s a very small one.  If you use it, you have to e-mail me to let me know.   That’s all.  (I’d also appreciate it if you’d tell your friends)

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  1. Kim says:

    d’awwwwww….that *does* sound adorable.

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