Ignoramus and Proud

I usually enjoy reading the Volokh Conspiracy.  It’s penned by law professors, and usually deals with legal issues.  I enjoy legal writing, because it is the public policy equivalent of theology.  (What do the words say, what do they mean, what doctrines can be drawn from them, etc.)

However, today one of the conspirators  posted something about Texas Governor Rick Perry.  Apparently Gov. Perry made it clear that he supports the biblical account of creation.  By a strange coincidence, so do I.  I think of the age of the earth in terms of thousands of years, not millions.  According to David Bernstein,

Perry has disqualified himself from winning the non-ignoramus vote. Unfortunately, the ignoramus vote is quite substantial.

If dis-believing the orthodoxy of evolution makes one an ignoramus, regardless of what other qualifications one has, then count me as an a proud ignoramus.  Of one thing Prof. Bernstein is absolutely correct – the ignoramus vote is quite substantial.  Only 16% of the people believe God had no hand in creating the world.  Despite almost five decades of government mandated sola evolution teaching in the public schools, less than 1 in 6 believe it.  Imagine if only one in six people believed that 2+2=4, or that ‘M’ comes after ‘L’.  It’s an educational disaster.  That thing you are selling?  People aren’t buying it.  And not from ignoramus-related religious pre-suppositions. I believe it is because of the internal inconsistencies in evolutionary biology itself.

The first two things I learned in biology class were :

1. Spontaneous generation can not happen.

2. Spontaneous generation happened once.

I’ve got to be honest, that sounds like a conflict to my ignoramus brain.  I guess I’m not enough of a non-ignoramus to understand how they can both be true.

Whether I would vote for Gov. Perry remains to be seen.  I don’t know that much about him.  But I will proudly stand with him in the “Ignoramus Box.”

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