Catechetics: First Review “Landmark volume”!

A face you can trust

The Rev. Paul Cain

From the Rev. Paul Cain, Pastor and Headmaster of Immanuel Lutheran Church / Martin Luther Grammar School in Sheridan, Wyoming:

Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation, is a necessary book. Recapitulating, updating, and improving upon the standard works on the topic, Catechetics explains how Confirmation in The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod reached its current state, and how a distinctly Lutheran catechesis can begin the work of repair, patiently bearing fruit over the next generations. Lutheran parents, pastors, educators, and church and school leaders would benefit from a return to Lutheran catechesis, wider use of the Large and Small Catechisms of Martin Luther, and collectively reading this landmark volume. This book will be especially encouraging to classical Lutheran educators! Faithful, honest, frank, yet constructively helpful and practical, Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation deserves a wide distribution, readership, and application.

Use the code ONEFIVE and get 15% off your order. It’s available in hardcover ($45 HERE), and paperback ($36 HERE).


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