Addendum: A Chance for Humanity

Pastors, if you are having trouble visiting your members at the nursing home, recognize that the person you are talking to has no authority. And even if you talk to the nursing home administrator, they likely have no authority.

You are trying to get through a wall, and it is quite solid. But there may be a door. Small, hard to open, and perhaps also locked tight. But, you might find that someone forgot and left it unlocked.

Ask for the phone number of the attending physician for the nursing home. Try to talk to them. In the few cases where pastors have been able to talk to actual medical folks, they can see the damage that isolation is doing. They may be willing to try and find a loophole for you to visit. It may not work. But I’ve had some success with it. You might as well.

Blessings as you try to minister to your flock.


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